Enjoy a day on the fjord, fishing or cruising.
We have several boats available for rent.

Rent a boat

Hansvik 17 feet - Outboard 9.9HP

Båt Rana 17feet-9,8HK.jpg

Silver Viking 17 feet - Outboard 25HP

Båt SilverViking 16foot 25HK.jpg

Rana 17 feet - Outboard 40HP

Båt Rana 17feet-40HK.jpg

Kværnø 19 feet - Outboard 60HP

FiletHouse 2.jpg

Buy lifejackets

If you want to buy lifejackets, you are welcome to ask us directly when you arrive, or send us an email at
office@visitromsdalsfjord.com and we will add it to your order.

Boats available in the local marina, only 10 metres from your house.


Schnapps & Filleting House

If you go fishing, you are welcome to use our Schnapps & Filleting House to prepare your fish.